Issen Ichibou Monogatari 一千一秒物語

Book Size: scllol book with leather cover H50×aboutW900mm,12 books
Written by Taroupho Inagaqui, 1923. This edition is published by Kototsubo, 2017.
Illustrated and printed by Miyako Akai.
Limited to 12 copies.
The texts is in Japanese. There are 68 short stories to play with the moon and stars written by Taruho Inagaki.
Illustrated by Miyako Akai, 2017.

This is a set of 12 scroll books of all 12 volumes and box. Magnets are embedded in scrolls. When reading scrolls, please attach a magnet to the case.

About the book:
Two sheets of chin Japanese papers are glued together so that the paper is not easily torn. I am using glue for restoring cultural properties so as not to deteriorate altogether.
I printed letters with a laser printer, the picture with letterpress and dry point with many colors. Every volumes has many illustrations.

About the box:
Box size is 66, 71, 75mm. I mosaiced the French goat leather and put on gold leaf. On the part of the rim of the box, I attached wax to make it strong.

The price is 47000 JPY. 12 copies limited.
If you are interested in, please contact me and send 10000 JPY by paypal for reservation. Delivery is scheduled for June.

文 稲垣足穂  絵、書籍設計、印刷 赤井都  発行 言壺2017
天地50mm, 長さ約900mmの巻物12巻 函サイズ 天地66mm, 左右71mm, 高さ75mm
限定12部 47000円

豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本

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2017/9/ 「そっと豆本、ふわっと活版6」(神保町いちのいち)で販売開始
2018/1/  「Mechanicapholic」(Le Petit Parisien)で展示販売