Small Book-Shaped Box with Your Name お名前入りブック型の小函

item number: am18-2, 12000JPY (about 120USD)

Your choice of the color of the Spine
Your choice of the cover
Your Name for Gold Leaf

Box Size: hight 10.8cm, width 7.3cm, depth 3.2cm

It is a small handmade box in the shape of a book. The lining is made of cloth, It has demensions to enter business cards, thickness to enter a seal. I could put your name or initial by gold leaf on the title part of the book. You could use it for various purposes such as shop card stock and going out.
Magnets are embedded. I am reinforcing the paper with CMC. The title part is leather and gold, the material of the wide part of the back is vinyl which is more robust than leather.
Please choose two outside materials. After ordering, I make it. Please wait for about two months after your order.


豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本 豆本

For purchase,

credit card(Visa/MC/Amex/JCB etc.), PayPal and International Postal Money Order are acceptable.
Order would be waited from USA, Europe, Asia, Oseania, and other countries.

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2019/1/ ワークショップ、ギフト
2019/2/ 通販販売開始