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Miyako Akai's miniaturebooks, notebooks, books, drawings and letterpress printed postcards are available by mail order.
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Some books are avairable at the book shops:
Roko Shobo(Tokyo), Karen Nyman Miniature Books(California), Javier Meras(Argentina), The Kelmscott Bookshop(Baltimore), ...

Making Alice's Adventures in Wonderland miniature book


Miyako Akai



Miyako Akai lives in Japan. She is a PhD in architecture and environment system, Toyohashi University of Technology. And also she was chosen as the final candidate for new face award of major novels in Japan. From 2001 she started making books of her own story. When she made books of short stories, they are getting smaller in the course of time, then they became miniature books.

She has sensitivity for paper and material and her books are bound with extra care in such a way she makes architectural miniature models.

Her style is characterized by the fact that she designs contents as well as cover. Due to her originality, she has been introduced more than 40 medias including major newspaper, magazine, TV and radio in Japan. She wrote 3 books about miniature book binding.

In 2006 for the first application to MBS she grabs the award. Now she organizes and sets up booth and workshop, and acquires a good reputation.

From 2007 for more than 10 years she learned bookbinding, gilding, repair and conservation of books. She owns a letter press machine as book creating is comprehensive art like architecture.

- Speech in 2006 MBS Conclave (sent by Email) -
"Nakamura and I, Akai, are overwhelmed by the great honor you have given us. Our little piece of work with bamboo and paper is the first winner from Japan! It's almost too good to believe.
I wish we could be present at the announcement. Let us express our gratitude to you all.
I hope more people are interested in the long tradition of paper arts in Japan.
Thank you very much."

She is a member of Miniature Book Society since 2007. a member of Tokyo Book Binding Club.

'Dancing on the Cloud' has been named one of the three Distinguished Award Winner Books by Miniature Book Society Competition 2007.

'Tsuki Yo No Mahiru' has been named one of the three Distinguished Award Winner Books by Miniature Book Society Competition 2016.

2019 The Miniature Book Society's Norman Forgue Award for "to honor her outstanding contribution to the world of miniature books."

'Beautiful Book' special edition has been named one of the three Distinguished Award Winner Books by Miniature Book Society Competition 2021.

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The Miniature Book Society the 37th grand conclave at Liliy Library, Indiana University, USA 2019

The Sharjah International Book Fair, UAE, 2018
The Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

The Miniature Book Society the 36th grand conclave at Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 2018
The 2nd Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2017

The 3nd Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2017
The 3nd Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2017

The 2nd Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2015
The 2nd Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2015

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Miyako Akai's Miniature Books


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Books of How to Make Miniature Books

ABCs_of_Making_Miniature_Books howtobook translation_published_in_Taiwan

ABCs of Making Miniature Books
1st edition ISBN:978-4-309-27143-9, 96pp.
2nd edition ISBN:978-4-309-27546-8
The book is written by Miyako Akai with many full colored pictures of 10 kinds of book making process.
First published in Japan, 2009 by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, and in Taiwan, 2010 by maplebook.
2nd Edition 2020 in Japan.


Written by Miyako Akai
Published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2010
Book size: H147×W212×D8mm, 96pp., 196g
1st edition ISBN:978-4-309-27206-1
2nd edition ISBN:978-4-309-28835-2
Sonomama Mamehon is published in September of 2010. This is a kit book of 17 miniature books, written in Japanese.
2nd edition in 2020 in Japan.


The Enjoyable Guide of Making Miniature Books
The book is written by Miyako Akai, published by Gakken Publishing, 2013, with many full colored pictures of 9 kinds of book and 3 box making process.
Digital Book is avairable from 2020.


Miyako Akai Miniature Book Museum

Enjoy reading miniature books. It is possible to experience Miniature Book Museum and Workshop in one day. 

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